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22nd August 2020


No-one is immune to the climate crisis. Our house is on fire and We All Want to Live!!

XR Lewes, Shoreham, Worthing and Brighton invite you to join us on Saturday 29 August as we march along the iconic Brighton seafront to call for change. Our government is failing to act, let’s make our voices heard!
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As we prepare for the upcoming Rebellion, re-energise yourself by joining our No Time To Lose talk this week. Get inspired to act again with this 15 minute talk, a powerful reminder of what’s at stake. Details below.

The Rebellion is coming. Everyone has a role to play—from home or on the streets. If you care about the future of the planet—about the future of your children and their children—demand action before it is too late.

Help us build momentum for the best Rebellion yet. Spread the word, starting with inviting your friends to the events listed below.

Affinity Groups for the Rebellion

Do you want to be in the loop for the rebellion? Want to know what’s happening and be a part of it? One way to do that is to join an affinity group with other rebels.

Maybe you could get in touch with your old affinity group this week, or ask fellow rebels if they’d like to get together and form a new one (email details to xrad01273@gmail.com if you do this please). If you’d like to join an existing group or form a new one, come along to this online session on Friday 21st August at 7:30pm—read on for details.

Keep updated about the latest news on the Rebellion:


No Future in Fossil Fuels

Friday 28th August

No Future in Fossil Fuels banner drops. Across the UK we will begin this Rebellion with a visual show of our strength and solidarity as local groups, affinity groups, and communities hang ALL their banners to Tell The Truth about the climate and ecological emergency. For more information join the XR Brighton Bun Drop chat.

Swarm to the Rebellion

Friday 28th August-Tuesday 1st September

Starting Friday 28th August, from the Level to Seafront, 6-9pm
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Bicycle ride together en masse to rebel for the planet and against poisonous profiteering. Visiting key sites on the route—Horsehill Oil drill site, Gatwick and HS2—to show our support. Join us for some or all.
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> Book a place and stay in touch

If you’d like to support those protecting an HS2 site with much-needed supplies please bring along your donations to Pavillion Gardens before the start of the We All Want to Live march on Saturday 29th. Essentials needed: bikes, bike locks, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, pots n pans, notepads, whiteboard markers, non-dairy milk, gluten free cereals, tampons, pads and any other vegan toiletries.

We All Want to Live: Extinction Rebellion Brighton March

Saturday 29th August, 12pm

Pavilion Gardens

A powerful, motivating regional event. Because our house is on fire and the government is failing to act! Let’s build momentum for UK Rebellion from 1 September in London. Bring a mask, some water and remember to keep your distance!
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Airports and Aviation

Saturday 29th August, 2:30-6pm
Gatwick Airport

Clear Skies Picnic at Gatwick airport—roundabout by the South Terminal entrance and the motorway spur.

A Procession for the Planet

Saturday 29th August, 11am-1pm
Westgate Street, Lewes

A funeral march that transforms. We are hoping this will be an inspiring action with a big presence in Lewes that will remind people about resisting climate change and gain interest in joining the actions in London.
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London Action

Tuesday 1st September for up to two weeks
Starting at Buckingham Palace at 11am

XR South East UK groups will march together to the UK Rebellion sit-in at Parliament Square. Meeting 11am, Tuesday 1st September at Buckingham Palace. Look out for information on getting to London and meeting up with local rebels once you’re there in the coming days!
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The Digital Rebellion

Keep an eye out for news on the Digital Rebellion Website if you prefer your rebellion online!


Zoom: Because of COVID-19 restrictions, meetings are taking place virtually via Zoom. For support with accessing these meetings please email xr_brighton@protonmail.com. To book a Zoom call using the XR Brighton account please join this telegram group

Join An Affinity Group

Friday 21st August, 7:30-9pm

Taking action can be better when you do it together with a group of people you know and trust: your affinity group. Join us at this online event to find out more about affinity groups and to either join an existing one or form your own.
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No Time To Lose

Saturday 22nd August, 3-4pm

A powerful 15 minute talk which starkly lays out the choices each and every one of us faces. It details the actions we can take now to avert a bleak future of conflict and hunger, and offers a brighter vision which brings hope of a better future for all.
> Details

XR Brighton General Meeting: Special Edition – No Time to Lose

Tuesday 25th August, 7pm (same time every Tuesday)

We All Want to Live and there's no time to lose. Everyone is welcome to join us for this important talk (repeated from Saturday), followed by discussion and information sharing about the Rebellion to come.
> Details
> Join on Zoom (same link each week)  Password 194057

XR Brighton Coordination Meeting

Thursday 27th August, 6pm

Coordination meetings happen every Thursday. We invite rebels from all XR Brighton groups to join us. If you are interested to know how this works, you are very welcome to join as an observer.
> Join on Zoom Password: 418675


The Rebellion is coming! It’s vital that you’re trained and prepared.

This Sunday, join Mariah and Marcia for some pre-action preparation:

RISE CWUP (Pre-action/arrest preparation)

Sunday 23rd August, 11am-1pm

Emotional and practical preparation for non-violent direct action, including but not just for those preparing for arrest. This training aims to realign us with our motivations for acting, to strengthen our communities and to address our concerns together to create more resilient activists.
> Join on Zoom

And here is a list of the four key trainings that all rebels should complete:

1. Know Your Rights

Every Tuesday 6-8pm

Training is available online every Tuesday. See the training calendar for details.

2. Witnessing an Arrest

All activists should know how to witness an arrest.
> Watch this video  Password: ProsecutePolluters

3. Non-Violent Direct Action – NVDA

Sunday 23 August, 2-5pm

NVDA, in person, socially distanced, in central Lewes
> Please email: talksandtraining@XRLewes.org

4. De-escalation Training

Sunday 23 August, 10am-1pm

> Details

Arrestee Support Trainings Calendar - https://tinyurl.com//astrainingcalendar

Keep safe!

Here’s a handy Action Wellbeing Checklist


Join the XR Brighton Outreach/Events team to inform and energise rebels before the Rebellion!


> Join the Brighton Outreach/Events Telegram channel
> Join the Brighton Rebel Ringers WhatsApp group
> Mass Mobilisation Pack of ideas to encourage and recruit people
> Questions? Contact us by email


> Further details on all events
> XR Brighton Youtube Channel
> Facebook (@nepocide) for news and info
> Brighton Rebel Community Board Facebook for community chat
> Twitter
> Instagram

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