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Everyone can can get involved with Extinction Rebellion (XR) Brighton – whether it’s your first meeting, first time joining a protest, you just want to help behind the scenes or you're a seasoned activist – we are all crew.

XR Brighton is made up of people from all walks of life and we strongly believe in a zero-blame culture – if you're XR curious in any way then you're sure to be welcomed!

We are part of a powerful and rapidly-growing international network of XR groups. Below are some suggestions for how you can become a part of the movement. Together, we’re unstoppable.


1. Watch a video and find out what we're about

To find out more about us and how we work, read our rebel starter pack and watch Extinction Rebellion founder Dr Gail Bradbrook talk about why we need to act now, and what we can do:


2. Join the conversation

We have all the usual social media flavours, from Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and YouTube. Pick your favourite and join the conversation with #xrbrighton

Check out the Extinction Rebellion Brighton YouTube Channel.

And give us a follow on social media



3. Join the rebellion

Want to join the rebellion and get regular updates from the Brighton local group and Extinction Rebellion UK? Then sign up here.



4. Come along to an event

At local meetings you'll meet Brighton rebels and find out about actions we're planning. Join an action to see what we're all about and start making a difference. Sign up to a training session to learn more about us and how we work.



5. Join a working group

Working groups form the backbone of what we do; aside from direct actions it's how we collaborate in teams and contribute our skills in order to keep XR Brighton going. As with everything we do, these function in a way that is decentralised, autonomous, non-violent and act with care for the whole. 

These are the existing working groups that have been set up to support XR Brighton. If you are interested in volunteering for a group or would like to contact the group for advice or support, please attend your next local XR meeting or email the address listed.


The organisation group organises, resources and publicises Brighton-wide meetings. It is responsible for storing personal data for the local group and maintaining the mailing list. It manages the shared document drive. This group is also responsible for developing the structure of the local group as it grows and changes. 

Contact: (Alex and Jack)

Build (formerly recruitment)

The ‘Build’ Working Group is about getting bigger. It’s about growing our active supporters beyond the magic 3.5% of the population. In Brighton and Hove this translates to around 10,000. We plan to do this by Educating, Influencing and Activating our community; through one-to-one conversations, group talks, events, and notable influencers like politicians and celebrities.


Publicity & Media

The publicity and media team is responsible for managing the online presence of Extinction Rebellion Brighton, connecting with local and national press, raising awareness through public announcements. It also advertises local actions and supports members to engage with the press/public.


Finance and Resources

The resources and funding team is responsible for collating and managing a list of all resources we share as Extinction Rebellion Brighton, ranging from cash in the bank to access to spaces or transport. This team will also be the movement’s treasurer and engage in fundraising.





The welfare team is tasked with setting up processes that support the wellbeing of those within the movement. It has the following functions:

  • Legal: legal advice, arrestee follow up, police station support, legal observers
  • Arrestee Support: point of contact
  • Medical: first aid
  • Ongoing mental health: support for those with trauma following involvement in XR actions, pastoral care
  • Resolution: non-violent communication, de-escalation, conflict
  • Physical welfare: provision of resources and equipment at events (“the welfare wagon”), presence at events

The welfare group includes training (non-violent direct action, legal observer training etc) at the moment.  It works closely with the inclusion group and those providing creche facilities.



The strategy and actions team coordinates, but doesn’t organise, actions; it aims to capture things that work and those that don’t, to support on strategy, to link with experienced partners such as the Green party, and to maintain a record of actions taken.

Contact: (Claudia)


The creativity team is there to support the flow of creative, artistic and other positive energy within and beyond our movement. It arranges music, singing and a variety of artistic endeavours and is keen to link up to anyone engaged in them.

Contact: (Em) / Join the Facebook group.

Equality and Inclusion

The Equality and Inclusion team works to ensure all individuals and communities including BAME and LGTBQI are culturally and socially accepted into Brighton XR.

Contact: (Amza)

Regenerative Culture

The Regenerative Culture team are involved with supporting Rebel long term resilience and also sharing experiences that support the understanding and development of a regenerative culture on a range of scales. Some things we offer include:

  • Sharing circles
  • Yoga
  • Workshops
  • Book clubs

Contact: (Laura)

Actions and Logistics

The Actions and Logistics team are responsible for organising large actions and for supporting other actions through the sharing of expertise. The team will be creating teams with specialist knowledge of different aspects of actions. It will advise on and support other local and national actions, and keep a record of past and ongoing actions.




6. Join an affinity group or start a new one!

About affinity groups

These small groups are often formed around shared interests and goals. They are a great way to get to know fellow rebels, keep yourself motivated, and support each other at actions. Our self-organising structure means any affinity group can also create their own actions as part of XR if they want to, so long as they agree to follow our ten core principles.

Some people form affinity groups with people they already know; if you do this, please let us know contact details for your group.

Affinity groups for actions

Taking part in actions with an affinity group means you can both support other rebels and be supported. Affinity groups members keep in touch with each other during an action, work effectively together and support each other. Affinity groups can also provide support after the event, particularly if any of the group is arrested as they go through the legal process. Groups are made up of people willing and able to be arrested and those who are not in this position but who can support them in practical ways.

Brighton XR wants to give everyone the opportunity to form an affinity group and build relationships. Please fill in this form and we'll be in touch.

Other Brighton XR groups

Below are some of the other groups that support XR actions and events through a shared interest, but are not necessarily affinity groups. Please click to see their Facebook group and get in touch if you wish to join.



7. Volunteer for a role

Subscribe to our email and/or WhatsApp updates to receive weekly 'Make It Happen Monday' messages with the latest opportunities to get involved and more event-specific needs.

Below are some of the positions that we currently need volunteers for. If you can help, please get in touch.

Meeting facilitators

We want our general meetings to be exciting with lots of energy. If you're up for leading a meeting it doesn't matter how long you've been a member; we have a template and people with experience to help you. Get in touch on

Events team members

Our friendly Events working group are looking to expand our numbers. If you think you'd enjoy meeting the public, chatting everything XR and recruiting some new Rebels, email

Office admin / keyholder

PayAsYouFeel desk space (24/7 access) at our brand new XR Brighton office near the station, or if you are unable to afford a donation but can be a consitant presence at the office, and are certain you can work on XR tasks alongside your personal work, please do shout! Visit our Facebook community group post for more details.

Facebook moderators

If you have experience moderating a Facebook group or page and can help our social media team please message us via our Facebook page.


Distributing leaflets at events and around Brighton. Leaflets can be collected from the office, general meetings or Matt S.

Organisation team

Tasks range from calm data inputting and managing the marvellous mailing list, to venue bookings, supporting the weekly coordination meeting, and other general lovely admin. It's all crucial work and lots can be done at home during a nice sit down with a cup of tea :) Please contact



8. If you can, consider donating

Support our Brighton arrestees from the London rebellion in April, and share to spread the word.

Help us to host more events, stage more actions and spread the message about the climate crisis by donating to XR Brighton if you're able to.

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