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19th February 2021

Transform the streets of Brighton!

Want to see fewer cars and more cycling and walking in Brighton and Hove? Then give your views to the council's active travel survey. You will also get to see their plans for the seafront cycle lane and Old Shoreham Road.

The consultation closes on 14th March 2021, so spread the word! This is an opportunity for us to keep the pressure on the Council to ensure that people and environmental justice are put first.

> Travel and transport in Brighton survey

Support XR Brighton Arrestees

XR Brighton rebels are ordinary members of our community, part of an international movement using non-violent civil disobedience to demand our governments act on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

The money donated to this fund will help ease the burden of legal costs for our local arrestees, some of whom have shared their powerful stories below, and empower those making the decision now to act in the future.

Please donate anything you can, and share this page widely with your friends, family, and on social media.

> XR Brighton arrestees support page

Rebellion of One: Action Briefings

Various dates in February and March –  find out more here.

This action will be the first of XR UK’s rolling Rebellion Waves: rebellions held each month, increasing in pressure each time as we build up to COP26. In this unprecedented time, we must continue to act, and this is an action that can be taken during Covid.

Individuals across the UK will sit down in the road, alone. They will display a simple and emotive message. They will remain there until they choose to move, or are moved.

Find out more by joining a briefing – no commitment necessary.

The briefings will cover essential topics such as messaging, support team roles, strategic objectives and action design. They are open to all and a place to ask questions.


New Nationwide Campaign from Brighton-based Eco-Action Families – #TheRippleEffect

Ongoing campaign

The concept is simple: Choose three friends; Take three actions; Pass it on!

We hope to encourage as many people as possible to take three essential eco actions, each a hugely important step towards ending the age of fossil fuels and protecting the environment on which we all depend.

For more information:

Together we can create a powerful, rising wave of change!


Welcome to Extinction Rebellion

Tuesday 23rd February, 7-9pm (Zoom)

Stuck at home because of Covid? Want to do something that makes a difference to the biggest crisis humankind currently faces? Then join this introductory session where you can learn more about what Extinction Rebellion is, what we do and how you can get involved

> Register for the Zoom meeting here

XR Brighton General Meeting

Tuesday 23rd February, 7-9pm, online (Zoom)

Feeling disconnected? Don't know what's going on? Want to find out more and get involved this year? Come, join in, reflect, and plan our way to make a difference and create change. It’s you that makes the difference! Everyone welcome.

> Join Zoom Meeting Passcode: 456681

Training and events

All training and events are online (Zoom)

1 to 1 De-escalation (NVC Breathe) + Drama Triangle

Friday 19th February, 6:30-8:30pm

Online, interactive workshops looking at nonviolence in the context of activism.

Nonviolence is one of the core principles which is non-negotiable for everyone who wants to take action under the name of XR. De-escalation is a key skill for anyone involved in any action. It helps maintain nonviolent interactions and atmosphere.

> Register for the Zoom meeting here

Roots of Regenerative Culture

Monday 22nd February, 5-7pm, online

How do we inject regeneration into everything we do?

The intention with this workshop is for participants to explore their own innate regenerative wisdom, to feel empowered to trust that and inspired to embody it, thereby modelling regenerative behaviour in life – as Gandhi said: to be the change we want to see in the world.

> Register here

Trust the People online course

Monday 22nd February to Thursday 15th April 2021

Trust The People is a grassroots community building movement, sharing democratic tools to help people support their communities in the face of global crises.

They have put together a free, online education course that takes you through every aspect of community building, from connecting with people one to one, to running People's Assemblies, which harness the wisdom and power of the community. The course spans across eight weeks, covering five in-depth modules.

> Details and registration

Know Your Rights Training

Tuesday 23rd February, 6-8pm

Know Your Rights is a key training for all rebels. It covers your basic legal rights, common laws, and police tactics used at protests. As well as your rights, it explains what to expect if you are arrested and in police custody, how to mitigate risk, and the greater risk faced by marginalised rebels, including how we can build solidarity within the protest movement.

> Register here

XR Media Training: Learn to Live Stream

Tuesday 23rd February, 6:30-8:30pm

Find out how to live stream as part of Extinction Rebellion in this free 2 hour broadcasting skills training.

> Join here

TED Circle: What foods did your ancestors love

Wednesday 24th February, 7:50-9pm

Around the world, Indigenous food cultures vanish because of industrialized agriculture and a shifting, Western-influenced concept of the ideal diet. Food researcher Aparna Pallavi explores why once-essential culinary traditions disappear from people's lives and memories almost without notice and serves up a subtle solution to revitalize our connection to the foods we eat.

> Register here

Witnessing Police Behaviour Training

Saturday, 27th February, 5:30-6:45pm

This training will teach you valuable skills in witnessing arrests and police behaviour. It will empower you to take responsibility for the safety of other rebels around you at a protest and particularly focuses on the greater risk faced by marginalised rebels.

This is NOT legal observer training, and witnessing arrests is not a role, but a skill.

> Register for the training here

Further information

> Extinction Rebellion Brighton's website
> XR Brighton Youtube Channel
> Facebook (@nepocide) for news and info
> Brighton Rebel Community Board Facebook for community chat
> Twitter
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