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12th September 2020

The rebellion is not over ...


Rebels Homecoming gathering today! See below

As you may have noticed, XR around the UK has taken the message of humanity to the streets in direct and targeted ways.

As always, the Rebellion over the last two weeks has been shaped by inspiring actions, great speeches, brave sacrifices of so many people. But it has also seen an exciting shift in focus from public knowledge of the climate crisis, and onto putting much needed pressure on the political, financial and commercial sectors that are responsible for this ongoing mess.

As a result, we have seen rapid backlash from powerful institutions like the police, the government and the media, who have sought to drive a wedge between the actions of rebels sacrificing themselves for humanity’s future, and the public who want genuine climate action. They have used illegal arrest tactics, called us organised criminals and refused to publish newsworthy XR-related stories.

In all of this, we see the public support swell for XR and for serious action on the climate crisis. From the governments own climate reports, to their own citizen’s assembly, the message of genuine change is cutting through like never before.

Well done rebels!

If you didn't have time to follow the Rebellion, you can look back at the first week’s actions with Clare Farell.

Some inspiring moments from the Rebellion

The Rebellion started with amazing marches and actions around different parts of the UK including the We All Want to Live march in Brighton

marchers with banner 'we want to live'


A merry crew of rebels and a samba band pushed and pulled the Lightship Greta 70 miles over the South and North downs all the way to London! Throughout their journey they stopped at towns and villages to raise awareness of the climate and ecological emergency and many rebels (and samba players) joined the procession. They were encouraged by local people with food, shelter and love which helped them succeed in their aim to get her all the way to London. Their message was that together we can achieve the impossible! Their journey across Tower Bridge to East London to highlight marginalised communities that are already disproportionately affected by the climate emergency and will be underwater in a decade or two, was stopped by close to 150 police. But her spirit lives on in all the crew, until next she sails on her journey of truth. She made the news, she made the papers and even Gatwick had a colourful noisy visit! We are all the boat, we are all Greta. Together we can!

pushing greta

From Saturday to Sunday, Rebels protested against the lack of transparency of newspapers to inform the readers about the climate emergency. They blockaded access to two factories where various newspapers are printed, causing delays in the distribution of some newspapers such as The Sun, The Telegraph, and The Times.

blockade of print works


XR Rebels, including rebels from XR Brighton, took to the streets and to the windows of a famous fashion store in central London this Wednesday, to demonstrate against the environmental harms of fast fashion.

women protesting about fast fashion


To end the September Rebellion, many rebels protested around London, with a very special finale piece that sailed to Parliament Square.  

pink boat


These weeks have been surrounded by the energy of Rebels wanting to make a real change for a better future for this and future generations. However, the effort does not end here – there is still much more to do to demand an urgent response from the government in response to the evident climate crisis our world is facing. Here are some ways you can keep helping:
> To stay informed about future actions in Brighton, visit the XR Brighton website
> For more information about national actions, you can visit the XR UK homepage
> Please consider donating to XR Brighton and to XR UK


This Rebellion has been filled with emotion. It can be uplifting to surround yourself with inspiring rebels, satisfying to feel our collective love for humanity and earth. But it can also be draining to speak truth to oppressive power and overwhelming to deal with climate grief.  

In recognition of the physical and emotional work of the last several weeks, we say thank you. One of our core principles teaches us that a regenerative culture is healthy, resilient and adaptable. Now is the time to come together in mutual care and support of ourselves, each other and our community. See the meetings and 'every day Regen' below. Join us!


Rebels Homecoming

Saturday 12th September, 2-4pm

Preston Park Clock Tower

We've marched, we've supported each other, we've acted online, we've taken direct action on the streets ... but this isn't where the Rebellion ends. Please join us this Saturday to reflect, chat, share your Rebellion experiences, discuss what is next, and eat cake!

Lightship Greta Celebration

Sunday 13th Sept, 1pm til late

Share stories, gather for food and perhaps a bit of samba love. Meet at Stanmer Park church.

Listening Circle

Monday 14th Sept, 7pm

A facilitated space for you to share thoughts and feelings openly. Zoom details to follow.
> Event page on website

XR Brighton General meeting

Tuesday 15th September, 7-9pm

All welcome. This is a space for sharing, listening, feedback, and questions. Come and hear about the latest within XR, and learn how you can make a difference. Online via Zoom.
> Event page on website

Guided Seafront Walk

Wednesday 16th Sept, 11am

Connect, share and take a breath of air with Nadia, followed by a cuppa. Meet at Brighton Pier.


Drop-in at the XR Brighton office

Each day 11am-2pm

Brighton rebels new and old welcome. Talk one to one or in small groups, have a spot of lunch, find your place in XRB. Ring the bell at the Brighton Eco Centre, 39-41 Surrey St.

Yoga for rebels with our very own Cat of Nine Lives Yoga

Sunrise Practice 7-8am
Sunset Practice 5.30-6.45pm

> Details and registration


> Further details on all events
> XR Brighton Youtube Channel
> Facebook (@nepocide) for news and info
> Brighton Rebel Community Board Facebook for community chat
> Twitter
> Instagram

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