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3rd September 2020


The rebellion is here (inspiring one-minute video).


Marching on Brighton seafront

Photo by James Cooley

Last weekend hundreds of rebels marched through Brighton in collaboration with Black Lives Matter Brighton and transformed the seafront to raise the alarm about climate breakdown, climate justice and social justice. Three brave rebels were arrested highlighting the corporate greed, pollution and complicity in the creation of the hostile environment of British Airways.

Greta the Lightship started its journey from Brighton on 29th August and it will arrive in London on Saturday 5th September.

All eyes are now on the rebellion in Westminster which is currently taking place until 14th September.

We all want to live - back the CEE Bill in front of parliament

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill was tabled in Parliament on 2nd September by Caroline Lucas with the support of a number of MPs, but then postponed for debate until 12 March. We cannot afford six months’ delay in this crisis.

There is no time to lose. Unimaginable environmental catastrophe will take place unless our politicians act now. Join the rebellion - read on to find out how - for the sake of all future generations.

Here is all the vital information you need:

> A schedule of actions happening in London. This will be updated as actions unfold.

> Check out the Handbook for Life with all the information you need to prepare for Rebellion

> The September Action Pack is here! Get some further clarity on what’s going on in London, why we’ll be there, and what we’re asking for.

> See the themes for the London Rebellion and arrangements for joining in from Brighton.

> See how to rebel from home.

> And check out this handy Action Wellbeing checklist.

Another way to support the rebellion is to stay in touch by signing up for updates and news or consider donating to XR.


If joining the rebellion, please wear masks and keep a safe distance—see our wellbeing advice

Greta lightship with jet in background

The moving Rebellion with Lightship Greta

Until Saturday 5th September

We will be walking with Greta, covering roughly 10 miles a day, over the span of 6 days, using nothing but PEOPLE POWER to get there!
> Follow Greta on instagram and twitter: @LightshipGreta
> More info about the plan

London Actions

Keep up to date with all the latest on the London Rebellion here. Also, keep an eye on the September Action Pack which will also be kept up to date.

> Stay informed, join the London broadcast on Telegram and / or the UK-wide broadcast.
> Travelling to London for the day? On our webpage you’ll also find daily links for chats to join up with others.

There will be actions every day until 14th September. Below is the latest at time of going to press but please check the links above.

woman holding banner saying time is running out

Photo by Crispin Hughes

Friday 4th September

HS2 Rebellion (Location TBC)
> Join the HS2 rebellion broadcast

Walk of Shame (1pm, Bank of England) Climate justice and social justice are both compromised by the ongoing actions of corporations and institutions across the world. Join us in marking these places as we march through London.
> Join the telegram chat

Saturday 5th September

Citizens Assemble (1pm, Trafalgar Sq): Parliament is failing us. We have to show them how it’s done. On Saturday, 5 September, we’ll be bringing a sense of what a Citizens’ Assembly sounds and feels like to Trafalgar Square.
> Visit / Share on FB

Discobedience (1-3pm, Undisclosed place of power) Come with us and experience the joy of acting together, pushing for change and questioning authority. We need to feel some joy alongside all this pain and grief. We'll be doing some dancing and possibly a 'die-in' too.
> Join the discobedience broadcast on Telegram

Sunday 6th September

Marine Extinction March (3pm Parliament Square): We will rise like the tide to demand protection for our oceans and the global impact of rising sea levels. A beautiful, creative, socially distanced grief march with Ocean Rebellion, Animal Rebellion and Sea Life Extinction. Family friendly protest! Join the Telegram chat and share the event on FB

Wednesday 9th September

REDRESS: Repair! Rewear! Rebel!  (Oxford Street, from 1:30pm): Do you see injustice in the fashion industry? Let alone huge carbon footprint, high street and designer fashion brands are notoriously associated with exploitation of people and animals both abroad and in the UK.
> Visit /share the facebook event.
> Learn more about injustice action roles.

Thursday 10th September

Sucking the world dry / Injustice action (Location / time TBC). We cannot solve the climate and ecological emergency without stopping corporations like Coca-Cola from systematically abusing human rights, destroying the environment and stealing resources from the Global South.
> Sign up for roles here


XR Brighton General meeting

Tuesday 8th September, 7-9pm

All welcome. Come and hear about the latest with the Rebellion and learn how you can make a difference.
> How to join in online

The Digital Rebellion

Take action from home! We are well aware that during COVID-19, many people will not be able to join us on the streets in major cities. There are ways to rebel from home that will help push the government to act. The Digital Rebellion will target key institutions of power during September to keep the pressure on while we rebel on the ground. As long as you have internet connection or a phone, you can take part!
> Get involved on theDigital Rebellion website.


> Further details on all events
> XR Brighton Youtube Channel
> Facebook (@nepocide) for news and info
> Brighton Rebel Community Board Facebook for community chat
> Twitter
> Instagram

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