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28th August 2020

The Rebellion is here


Inspirational short video: Winds of Change | Extinction Rebellion UK

It is now or never! We stand at a crossroads in human history. Faced with multiple global crises—coronavirus, racial injustice, economic inequality, climate and ecological devastation—we have never been more acutely aware of our vulnerability on a planet with finite resources. The truth is, the government isn’t coming to save us. They have lost the legitimacy to carry on with business as usual. If they won't act at this crucial moment, then we must! Join the rebellion for your future and the future of the next generations!

The Rebellion is here. 28-29 August in Brighton—1 September onwards in London.

#TellTheTruth #ActNow #BeyondPolitics

Keep updated about the latest news on the Rebellion:

● See our Brighton Actions

● Check out the Handbook for Life with all the information you need to prepare for Rebellion

● The September Action Pack is here! Get some clarity on what’s going on in London, why we’ll be there, and what we’re asking for.

● See the themes for the London Rebellion and our arrangements for joining in

● See how to rebel from home

● And check out this handy Action wellbeing checklist

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If joining the rebellion, please wear masks and keep a safe distance – see our wellbeing advice

No Future in Fossil Fuels Banner Drops

Friday 28th August

No Future in Fossil Fuels banner drops. Across the UK we will begin this Rebellion with a visual show of our strength and solidarity. This is our chance to show our messages big and bold, from villages to cities across the country. Our banners will signal the start of Rebellion and send a clear signal that we are unified and ready to rebel against a system that is killing us. For more information join the XR Brighton Bun Drop chat or visit XR Rebellion UK Wide Banner Drop

Swarm to the Rebellion

Friday 28th August-Tuesday 1st September

Starting Friday 28th August, from the Level to Seafront, 6-9pm.

Bicycle ride together en masse to rebel for the planet and against poisonous profiteering. Visiting key sites on the route – Horsehill Oil drill site, Gatwick, and HS2 – to show our support. Join us for some or all.

If you’d like to support those protecting an HS2 site with much-needed supplies, please bring along your donations to Pavillion Gardens before the start of the We All Want to Live march on Saturday 29th.

Essentials needed: bikes, bike locks, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, pots and pans, notepads, whiteboard markers, non-dairy milk, gluten free cereals, tampons, pads, mooncups, and any other vegan toiletries.

> Bike Swarm in Brighton 28 Aug 18:00 – 21:00
> Bike Swarm to the Rebellion 29 Aug – 1 Sept
> To book a place and stay in touch

We All Want to Live: Extinction Rebellion Brighton March

Saturday 29th August, 12pm
Pavilion Gardens

XR Lewes, Shoreham, Worthing, and Brighton invite you to join us as we march along the iconic Brighton seafront to call for change! A powerful, motivating regional event. Because our house is on fire and the government is failing to act! Let’s build momentum for the UK Rebellion from 1 September in London. Budding gardener? Bring along a potted plant to donate! Bring a mask, some water, and remember to keep your distance!
>Further information

Airports and Aviation

Saturday 29th August, 2:30-6pm
Gatwick Airport

Clear Skies Picnic at Gatwick airport— Join us at the roundabout by the South terminal entrance to Gatwick Airport. Bring a picnic, dress up if you want, and protest with us about the government's and the aviation industry's lack of action to take radical steps towards zero carbon. There is plenty of space for social distancing, and we have lots of banners and flags—just need people to hold them!
> More Information

A Procession for the Planet

Saturday 29th August, 11am-1pm
Westgate Street, Lewes

A funeral march that transforms. We are hoping this will be an inspiring action with a big presence in Lewes that will remind people about resisting climate change and gain interest in joining the actions in London.
> For more details

The moving Rebellion with Lightship Greta

Saturday 29th August – Saturday 5th September
Starting Saturday 29th August, at Brighton seafront, 4pm

Join us on our epic voyage of rebellion as we march to London with our Lightship called Greta! Meet us at Brighton seafront at 4pm on 29th Aug to officially start Greta's journey, but we will be leaving Brighton the following day, on 30th Aug around midday. We will be walking with Greta from BRIGHTON to LONDON, covering roughly 10 miles a day, over the span of 6 days, using nothing but PEOPLE POWER to get there!
> Follow Greta on instagram and twitter: @LightshipGreta
> More information

Vigil for the Earth

Sunday 30th August, 2pm-5pm
St Thomas Becket at Cliffe, Lewes

As part of Extinction Rebellion’s Faith Vigil for the Earth, we invite you to join us for a prayer and meditation walk in Lewes. People of all faiths and none, come together to silently focus their will and energy towards healing for our planet.The end of the walk will mark the beginning of a week-long vigil, keeping watch together with those maintaining a continuous prayer and meditation presence in Parliament Square, London, as well as those taking part through a Zoom vigil space.
> More details

London Action

Tuesday 1st September for up to two weeks
Starting at Buckingham Palace at 11am

XR South East UK groups will march together to the UK Rebellion sit-in at Parliament Square. Meeting 11am, Tuesday 1st September at Buckingham Palace. Look out for information on getting to London and meeting up with local rebels once you’re there in the coming days!
> More information

The Digital Rebellion

Take action from home! We are well aware that during COVID-19, many people will not be able to join us on the streets in major cities. There are ways to rebel from home that will help push the government to act. The Digital Rebellion will target key institutions of power during September to keep the pressure on while we rebel on the ground. As long as you have internet connection or a phone, you can take part!
> Get involved on the Digital Rebellion website


> Further details on all events
> XR Brighton Youtube Channel
> Facebook (@nepocide) for news and info
> Brighton Rebel Community Board Facebook for community chat
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