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14th August 2020

We Want To Live: UK Rebellion 2020

The Rebellion is coming, and you can be part of it.

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Right now, Big Banks, Big Oil, and climate destroyers are being bailed out by the Government right under our noses as part of the so-called “Green Recovery” – all with zero commitments to people and planet. These corporations, with Government support, are racing us to the cliff edge of extinction. We cannot let what’s happening go unchallenged. We have an opportunity and a duty NOW as we emerge from the pandemic to make the necessary changes.

In this rebellion, we are asking everyone who has been betrayed by this Government to join us. Disruption, sacrifice, and respect are still at the core of what we do. We know that actions and emotions will drive change, above statistics and words. We need to shift hearts and minds. We need to scream out for all we hold dear. This is the time to yell, “We All Want To Live!”

The main actions for us are in Brighton on Saturday 29th August and in London from Tuesday 1 September. Other actions are happening around these dates (see below) and there will be opportunities for digital action for those wanting to keep extra safe.

To keep up to date:
> Come to General Meetings on Zoom every Tuesday at 7pm
> or Join the Telegram group Rebellion Broadcast.

As part of the preparation:
> Check out the Handbook for Life with information you need to know in advance
> Join Extinction Rebellion trainings (information below)
> Check out this Action Wellbeing reminder.



No Future in Fossil Fuels

Friday 28th August

No Future in Fossil Fuels banner drops. Across the UK we will begin this Rebellion with a visual show of our strength and solidarity as local groups, affinity groups, and communities hang ALL their banners to tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency.
> For more information join the XR Brighton Bun Drop chat.


Swarm to the Rebellion

Friday 28th August to Tuesday 1st September

Mass bicycle ride to rebel for the planet and against poisonous profiteering. Visiting key sites on the route – Horsehill Oil drill site, Gatwick and HS2 – to show our support. Join us for some or all.
> To book a place and stay in touch join the Telegram chat group


Airports and Aviation

Saturday 29th August, 2:30-6pm
Gatwick Airport

Clear Skies Picnic at Gatwick airport – roundabout by the South Terminal entrance and the motorway spur.


We All Want to Live: Extinction Rebellion Brighton March

Saturday 29th August, 12pm
Pavilion Gardens

A powerful, motivating regional event. Because no-one is immune to the climate crisis. Let’s build momentum for UK Rebellion from 1 September in London!
> Further information

poster for 29 August in Brighton


A Procession for the Planet

Saturday 29th August, 11am-1pm

Westgate Street, Lewes

A funeral march that transforms. We are hoping this will be an inspiring action with a big presence in Lewes that will remind people about resisting climate change and gain interest in joining the actions in London.
> For more details here


London Action

Tuesday 1st September for up to two weeks

Series of London actions starting with peaceful protest at Parliament Square. Meeting point for the South East region is close to Buckingham Palace. Please book your travel (hopefully off peak) to be there for 11am!
> More information



Zoom: Because of COVID-19 restrictions, meetings are taking place virtually via Zoom. For support with accessing these meetings please email us. To book a Zoom call using the XR Brighton account please join this telegram group.


XR Brighton General Meeting: Find your place in the Rebellion

Tuesday 18th August, 7pm

Whether you want to take part in an action or offer support from home, come and join the conversation at our General Meeting (via Zoom). All welcome! Let’s get rebellious!
> Join on Zoom (same link each week). Password 194057


XR Brighton Coordination Meeting

Thursday 20th August, 6pm

Coordination meetings happen every Thursday. We invite rebels from all XR Brighton groups to join us. If you are interested to know how this works, you are very welcome to join as an observer.
> Join us on Zoom Password 418675



Here are four key trainings that rebels should complete before the Rebellion:


Know Your Rights Training

Every Tuesday, 6-9pm

Training aimed at encouraging safe protest and informing rebels of their rights.
> Register


Arrest Support Back Office Training

Various dates

This training is aimed at those who want to help out with the Arrest Support back office during actions or during Rebellions. If you can't attend an action in person, then volunteering for the back office would mean you're an integral part of the action by working remotely from your own home.
> Further information and to register


Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) Training

Come along to our NVDA in-person workshops, where you will learn about the history of civil disobedience, theories of non-violence, and various NVDA skills such as how to talk to the police, how to block a road, and how to use your support systems

Sunday 16th August, 3-6pm in Stanmer Park

> Email us to reserve your place and please only book if you can make it.

Sunday 23rd August, 2-5pm in Central Lewes

> Email XR Lewes for more information and to reserve your place


De-escalation Training

Saturday 15th August, 10am-1pm

This three hour training will include 1:1 de-escalation, large crowd de-escalation and The Drama Triangle. All your de-escalation needs in one.
> For more information



Join the XR Brighton Outreach/Events team to inform and energise rebels before the Rebellion!


> Join the Brighton Outreach/Events Telegram channel
> Join the Brighton Rebel Ringers WhatsApp group
> Mass Mobilisation Pack of ideas to encourage and recruit people
> Questions? Contact us by email



> Further details on all events
> XR Brighton Youtube Channel
> Facebook (@nepocide) for news and info
> Brighton Rebel Community Board Facebook for community chat
> Twitter
> Instagram

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