XR joins the Global Climate Strike

From The Argus:

7,000 shut down city centre in climate general strike

MORE than 7,000 protesters shut down the city centre as they demanded more action on climate change.

Students and pupils skipped school and some adults went on strike as they marched through Brighton and Hove yesterday as part of a global general strike on climate change.

Protesters assembled at Hove Lawns at 11am, converging on the usually peaceful seaside park in preparation for the city’s biggest ever climate protest.

Students Matthew Parkin and Billy Thornett, both 18, had expected the large turnout.

“So many people are passionate about this and it’s great to see adults have supported us,” said Matthew.

“The Government is listening but they’re not acting fast enough. They’ve approved a third runway at Heathrow and they’re only going to cut carbon by 2050.”

Billy added: “It’s remarkable to see so many people of different ages turning up.”

Read more @ The Argus
Read more @ The Argus

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