Funeral march for ‘Life on Earth’ in central Brighton

Funeral march for ‘Life on Earth’ in central Brighton on 24th March, with around 500 ‘mourners’ in attendance.

From Logan Macleod at the Brighton Wire:

""An environmental march shut down traffic in Brighton city centre causing chaos to raise awareness about climate change.

The Brighton faction of Extinction Rebellion, an autonomous environmentalist group, held a mock funeral for the planet.

The march started on Montpelier Crescent and headed to the clock tower where speakers shared thoughts and poems on climate crisis, loss of habitat and the extinction of animals.

Scott Henery, 50, a member of Extinction Rebellion said: “It’s a funeral for our futures.

“We’re about non violent direct action around civil disobedience, it’s about slowing down the traffic today, stopping the traffic, making disruption in the town centre so it draws more attention in the media.”

Extinction Rebellion had 11 “mourners” wearing black veils at the funeral to symbolise the amount of years the human race has left to act according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. ‘The more of this the better’

The march saw around 100 people turn up and Extinction Rebellion says it is a group of people from all walks of life all united by the lack of government action surrounding climate policy.

Onlooker Emad Azad, 57, from Brighton, said: “I think it’s excellent, the world is waking up to our environmental status which is disappearing.

“The more of this the better, it doesn’t look big enough to me! If I knew about it, I would have joined.”

UK Extinction Rebellion members are aiming to bring parts of London to a standstill next month and will also see their international organisation occupy capital cities across the globe on April 15."

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