Brighton and Hove climate assembly: get involved - updated

[Story updated 26 March 2020]

Brighton and Hove council have announced that the climate assembly meetings will be postponed in light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Extinction Rebellion Brighton support the decision to postpone. This decision was informed by advice from the UK government in managing Coronavirus (Covid-19) and to protect the health and wellbeing of all the participants. The council has acknowledged that the Climate Assembly is one of the most important pieces of work for the city and they intend to reschedule the sessions as soon as practically possible later in the year.

Rebels are encouraged to continue to share ideas and expertise with the council about how the Climate Assembly can be supported and informed about the climate emergency when the meetings are able to happen. You can do this by emailing:

On the council website it says: “In the meantime, we'll continue to keep you updated on our carbon neutral 2030 work through the website, social media and newsletter. Please continue to share ideas, good practice and questions by emailing Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the shaping of the climate assembly so far and for your support during this difficult time.”

More about the climate assembly

When the process begins again, 10,000 letters will sent to people in Brighton and Hove inviting them to take part in a climate assembly. The purpose is to find 50 people who represent the wider profile of city residents to consider how Brighton and Hove can reach a net zero target by 2030.

The climate assembly will bring together 50 residents and an independent panel of experts. The council says that the assembly will help shape how the city will address the climate crisis over the next 10 years and prioritise actions to take forward. The council also says that the assembly’s recommendations will be used as part of wider consultations on city plans and strategies such as the Local Transport Plan.

Councillor Nancy Platts, Leader of the council said: “Our city is full of people with knowledge, creativity and goodwill that we would love to harness. The future of our planet is at stake and I want you to have a say in how we combat the climate crisis together.”

Since the focus is on action to achieve net zero by 2030, transport and energy will be a major consideration and the sessions will include presentations and workshops with the views of people from all walks of life heard, alongside engaging expert speakers. The council says the focus will then be on small group discussions with facilitators to make sure everyone's voice is heard.

The council is keen to hear from anyone who would like to share ideas, thoughts and suggestions. The email address to do this is:

Read more @ Brighton & Hove Council website
Read more @ Brighton & Hove Council Twitter

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