Barclays Divestment Protest

From The Argus:

ACTIVISTS staged a weekend of protests to highlight how fossil fuels contribute to climate change.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) Brighton launched a “cycle swarm” on Friday night at The Level.

About 100 cyclists rode to the BP petrol station in Lewes Road for a brief blockade.

Then on Saturday, a dozen activists banged drums and handed out leaflets outside Barclays in North Street, which they say is investing in the search for oil and fossil fuels.

But Barclays says it recognises the challenges climate change poses to society and is supporting investment to help the “transition to a low carbon economy”.

XR activists said the cycle swarm is a protest to raise awareness of creating safer roads for environmentally friendly transport and also raised awareness of how petrol and diesel cars cause pollution to the planet.

The group said: “The cyclists comprised young people, teachers, business owners and students, ranging from seven to 70 years in age, people united in their desire to see a world free from oil.”

NHS worker Tom Rakewell said he joined the Saturday protest because climate change cannot be ignored, so XR has demonstrated several times outside Barclays.

He said: “As a group we are not going away. We want to put pressure on the bank to change its policies.

“We want it to stop investing in fossil fuels and to invest in renewable energy instead.”

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