Rebels Rebellion Homecoming

26th Oct 2019 11:30 - 17:30

Sheildsman, Lower Beach Road, Shoreham BN4 35RR

The Rebellion will have gone down in history

We rebels have played our part

Now it’s time for us to share our stories, lick our wounds, celebrate our tears and victories together.

Come gather for a family friendly day with fellow London Rebels and supporters to connect and restore ourselves on the rejuvenating waters of the sea on a cosy and magical house boat in Shoreham

SHAPE OF THE DAY (feel free to pop in and out)

11.30am – Arrival and welcome 12 noon - Opening and orientation

12.30pm – 5.00pm Bring and share open picnic time

1pm-4.30pm – kids activities, adult workshops, XR listeners space

5-5.30pm Closing communal warm autumn soup, story and farewells

XR LISTNERS: 1.30-4.30pm

Grab a seat and our team of caring skilled listeners will lend an ear for anything that’s come up for that you need heard or want to get off your chest. Everyone is worth listening to.

KIDS ACTIVITIES: 1.30-4.30pm

-Time to learn, plant and grow a hands-on workshop with Merry to explore biodynamic agriculture

-Forest school activities with Caroline

-kids yoga and mindfulness with Gina


1pm-2pm: Co-counselling with Rachel

A space to deepen our listening skills and to use other people's attention for support and sharing. An opportunity to look at what gets hard for us with our activism while remembering and connecting to why we do it.

1.30pm-2.30pm: Tide line safari walk with Stacey

Our seas are wild and bountiful, join our seaweed expert to discover and identify all kinds of seaweeds and their wild and wonderful uses.

2pm-3pm: Seriously lush Indian head massage for Rebels with Wah wah

An incredibly enjoyable hands on way of de-stressing rebels. Learn some lush technique that you can whip out at any time to give yourself and others some much needed TLC, you’ll feel like a new born babe by the end

3.15pm-4.30pm – Compassion Meditation with Abbie

Self-compassion can help us how to face the pressures of activism, we will explore short practices that cultivate a mindful, compassionate approach to our experiences that help build our resilience and connection to ourselves and one another.

Please bring:

-Picnic to share (if you are able to label them veg, vgn, gf, nut etc that would be great)

-Your own cup, bowl, plate and cutlery

-Everything else is taken care of.

Address: Sheildsman, Lower Beach Road, Shoreham BN4 35RR

Venue :House boat (100-200 capacity)

Directions :Behind the waterside pub, walk over the foot bridge and turn left along the red brick road Transport –The easiest way to travel from Brighton is by Bus but it is also very close to Shoreham station

Accessibility: Stairs to toilet and ramp access to boat with seating and floor cushions in boat if you need any more info please call wah wah 07983364527 (after 20th October please)

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