International Rebellion

7th Oct 2019 10:00
19th Oct 2019 18:00


Brighton rebels are joining others from across the UK, and around the world, in an International Rebellion!


Starting Monday 7 October, for 2 weeks, Extinction Rebellion and allied movements are gathering in major cities across the globe to rebel against the world’s governments for their criminal inaction on the Climate and Ecological Crisis.

In the UK, we will peacefully shut down roads in Central London and non-violently disrupt the government until our leaders agree to TAKE EMERGENCY ACTION NOW. Other non-violent actions will target corporations, ministries and infrastructure that maintain our toxic system.

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If you're coming to London it's key that you join the Telegram channels for updates (these are broadcast only chats similar to WhatsApp). These are listed here, along with other essential information:

Everybody needs to stand up for our future.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

Help spread the word and get involved:

SHARE THIS EVENT on social media, even if you’re not a frequent poster, it’s one of the most effective ways to raise the alarm. Select “going” or “interested” to this event and also invite your FB friends (this option is available under “share” within the Facebook event itself).

DONATE. If you’re short on time but could give money, donate to the Rebellion at:

Support Brighton arrestees:

This Rebellion needs everyone. If you think you have nothing to contribute, think again. Bring yourself, and that will be enough.

Risk arrest if you can; OR support if you can’t. Everybody is needed.

See you on the streets.


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