Gatwick Action

15th Feb 2020 09:30 - 12:00

Gatwick Airport

From 9:30am meet by Costa Coffee, South Terminal arrivals.

Come and join us to peacefully inform travellers and their friends about the damage that flying causes and to invite them to join us in tackling the climate emergency. We'll also remind Gatwick airport that they should not be planning expansion.

There will be lots of leaflets to hand out - plus if you want to do something that that can make it more fun it's welcome.

In the past and there have been positive responses from passengers, and the airport staff have not stopped us from leafleting. However best to arrive incognito, maybe looking like you have come to meet someone just in case they stop people seen to be XR from entering. Reveal yourself and any XR banners and badges etc once inside, from 9:30.

Lets get the message out - change can happen - and those who fly have the opportunity to make a big contribution by cutting their flights. :)

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