Our mission

The Extinction Rebellion regional gatherings (‘Rebel Risings’) are running to prepare us for the October Rebellion. In the South East we want to grow our rebel movement in numbers and strength ready to take on a greater role in London in October. Everything that takes place over the two weekends will translate into building confidence, skills, caring human connections, and understanding of Extinction Rebellion’s aims, agreements and methodology.

A team in Brighton is growing to deliver these events. We want the two days to be a tapestry of celebration and fun, serious learning and organising threaded throughout with regeneration and support, kindness and healing. The event is open to all; XR rebels, friends, associates and the interested public.

There will be workshops, performances and discussions; themed spaces for young people; sharing of tea and food, regenerative culture; understanding your rights including how and why we choose to break the law, hearing from arrestees and how to support those who put themselves forward; wellbeing and welfare; introductions and training; experiences from actions and planning for the future.

We understand that people have different levels of confidence and engagement. We aim for everyone who is able to take on or choose a role to help make the event go well. This is because we understand the empowering benefits of being a part of an action, rather than being a bystander. We will encourage and support people to do this.

We aim to have several spaces active each day, with a programme of events and activities for people to take part in co-produced by the South East region’s growing XR family. These spaces will be accessible, welcoming and safe for everyone. We will operate the Safer Spaces Policy across all areas which will be on show and in the programme for people to agree to, and we will promote the no blame, no shame culture of XR.

And we will come out of this stronger than ever.

Love and rage.

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