We bring an extra bit of colour, fun and creativity to Brighton XR actions, and help to engage and educate the public. Our projects vary from badges to banners, butterfly wings to life-sized animal skeletons made out of milk bottles, and murals to lighthouses.

The creatives group welcomes everyone; professional creatives, those who create as a hobby and anyone who just wants to give it a go. Equally important are people who can keep us going and support us.

Some examples of roles in the creatives group:

  •  Painting, sewing, crafting, badge making, banner making, putting together big builds... anything creative
  •  Keeping an inventory so we know what we have available for actions
  •  Helping to move materials between storage at our office and meeting venues, and back again
  •  Organising venues for meetings

If you're interested in joining us, please join our Facebook group, which posts details of upcoming meetings. You can also join our Telegram group (for group messaging, similar to WhatsApp) - just let us know your phone number at the next meeting so we can add you.

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